How to Grow the Right Way with Grow Flow Water

Growing cannabis is no easy task. Due to the fragile nature of the plant, growers have a variety of factors to consider when it comes to producing high quality harvests year in and year out. While there is no perfect science to growing cannabis, there are right ways to grow plants, just as there are wrong ways. When it comes to growing cannabis the right way with Grow Flow Water, the amount of water, type of water, and quality of water, are all important elements to examine.

Using the Appropriate Amount of Water

Any plant requires water to survive, and cannabis plants are almost 90% water. Water is a necessary requirement for transporting and distributing nutrients, but knowing just how much water to give your plants can be vital. Too much water can leave your plants with root rot or obstruct your cannabis’ ability to intake oxygen, however underwatering your plants can leave your leaves fragile and cause your plants to wilt. Signs that you may be overwatering or underwatering your plants include brown leaf edges, brittle leaves, yellowing leaves, or curling leaves. 

The amount of water you use and the frequency of watering can depend on whether you are in an indoor growing environment or an outdoor growing environment. In an outdoor environment, you will need to assess rainfall levels, whereas in a grow house you can better control the amount of water provided. Watering requirements will also vary depending on the growth stage your cannabis is in. A rule of thumb often used is to wait for the soil to dry out completely before watering your plant, a rough estimate of misting once every 2–3 days. A good soak translates to watering your growth medium to 25–33% of the pot capacity. Drainage and the size of the containers are also important factors to take into consideration. 

Growing Cannabis Using the Right Type of Water

Not all water is good water when it comes to growing cannabis. Knowing what is in the water you’re using is a major first step in perfecting your growing process. Grow Flow professionals can visit your growing operation and test your water quality to find out exactly what is in your water that is then being transferred to your cannabis plants. All visits are made with complete discretion, meaning none fo your growing secrets leave your home. 

Once you know what your water contains, you’ll be able to asses the needs of your water. If you collect rain water to use for growing, the pH balance may be your biggest concern. Due to human pollution, rain water is often slightly acidic, meaning neutralizing your water supply before use must be done. If you utilize a grow house or live in a region where rain water cannot be used, tap water may be your preferred choice. Tap water, dependent on it’s supply, is not always suitable for cannabis directly from the tap. Utilizing a reverse osmosis system can dispense purified water to your plants. When using reverse osmosis systems, foreign contaminants, solid substances, large molecules, and minerals are removed from your water, leaving you with pure water to add your own nutrients to. Just as it’s important to check pH levels in your rainwater, checking your pH levels in a reverse osmosis system can be just as important to prevent nutrient burn and keep your plants at the optimal pH level. 

How to Water Your Cannabis Inside a Grow House

Growing cannabis inside a grow house allows you to control every aspect of your growing environment and how you treat your cannabis. With an indoor growing space, complete control of the watering amount and the watering source rests on the grower. This means dedication to quality water and a watering schedule are required. Many factors will play into the amount of water you may need for your grow house, including ventilation, humidity, air circulation, lighting, and more. However, an indoor growing environment means your plants have the ability to grow in a completely controlled environment with a water system devoted to providing high-quality water to your cannabis.

In a grow house, using reverse osmosis water to grow cannabis is one of the best options. A reverse osmosis system can eliminate around 97% of total dissolved solids (TDS) from your water, giving you control of what nutrients your plants get. Reverse osmosis systems can be especially beneficial for growers in rural areas, due to their ability to remove dirt and sediment from the well water. 

Growing the Right Way Using Grow Flow Water

Growing cannabis can come with its own challenges, but using Grow Flow, can assist in many challenges that may come with water. Grow Flow experts can come to your grow house, evaluate your needs when it comes to quality water, and recommend a reverse osmosis system to fit your needs. Contact Grow Flow today to set up a water test or learn more about our reverse osmosis systems. 

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