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Growing cannabis isn’t the same task as growing any other plant. Cannabis requires a level of care often higher than other plants, due to the plant’s sensitive nature. When growing marijuana it’s important to have the best water for cultivating and growing high-quality cannabis. Grow Flow, water solutions for cannabis cultivation makes it easy for growers of any size to utilize the very best quality water for growing cannabis plants. 


Knowing What’s in Your Water

At the core of plant cultivation is quality water. Water is required for many essential functions of a plant, including nutrient transportation, temperature regulation, and the occurrence of photosynthesis. Getting your water tested by a licensed water expert is the key to determining if you have a water problem, finding solutions to your water problem, and what equipment and service is best to maintain high-quality cannabis harvests. Well water usually found in rural areas can oftentimes contain heavy metals that can be detrimental to your plant’s health including arsenic, antimony, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, selenium and more. Many of these harsh metals make their way into private wells through groundwater movement and surface water seepage and run-off. 

There are also many factors that go into the quality of your water and how it can affect your cannabis plants. Some of the water parameters to keep in mind when assessing your water include pH levels, alkalinity, electrical conductivity, and more. The quality of water in your growing area and the proponents in it can also change over time. Grow Flow keeps a library full of water samples, to see over time the adaptation and changes in the water to better assess possible patterns. Knowing what’s in your water from the start can help make it easier for solutions to be developed for your water and grow system. 


Why Treating Your Water Matters

You may be wondering why testing your water or knowing what’s in it matters. Not all water or water types are the same and as a grower, it’s not only important to know the ins and outs of your cannabis plants, but the water you’re using to irrigate them too. There are many different types of water you can use to grow cannabis, but not all water types offer the same benefits to your plants. Knowing what water type you’re using can help you assess what nutrients may be in your water and what nutrients may need to be added. There can be advantages and disadvantages to the types of water you use and sometimes treatment is needed to reach optimal welfare for your plants.

Soft water, such as distilled water, purified water, and rainwater, are often considered some of the best water to provide your plants with. However, all of these water types may need adjustments in their pH and nutrient levels. A water treatment system, like a reverse osmosis system, can achieve purified water by removing impurities and contaminants when the water is pushed through a semipermeable membrane. A reverse osmosis system can provide a quality water treatment solution to help remove minerals, substances, molecules, and impurities from the water.


Grow Flow Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Grove Flow offers reverse osmosis water systems for small and large grow house needs. Reverse osmosis systems can be manufactured to fit where you need them to. Our experts can come to your growing operation and evaluate your needs when it comes to quality water. Reverse osmosis systems can often fit in compact areas and use less energy than other systems of water purification, which cut down on your energy bills. Reverse osmosis water is safe to use with cannabis plants, but requires additional care to yield the best cannabis results.

Some of the things to keep in mind when using a reverse osmosis system include creating a nutrient mix that maximizes cannabis growth, adjusting your nutrient levels as your plant matures, checking your pH levels daily, and paying attention to your electrical conductivity levels. Grow Flow experts can also assist in making water adjustments to coincide with your plant’s needs. 


The Grow Flow Difference

Many companies offer water systems but Grow Flow makes all the difference. Backed by over 70 years of experience, our experts stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends to offer the best water solutions for your grow house needs. Every operation is different, which is why every water treatment plan is different when it comes to our customers. Our professionals offer an individualized approach through on-site surveys and expert service. And just as the water quality in your area may change, Grow Flow is always available for new water testing and system adjustments as needed.


Interested in Growing with Grow Flow?

Our experts at Grow Flow can assist in upgrading the water quality in your already existing grow house setup or helping you put together your first reverse osmosis water system. Better quality water starts with a call to schedule a free water test. Contact us today!


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