Cannabis in the Greenhouse

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse is an effective cultivation method that combines the perks of outdoor growing with the protection from harsh environmental conditions. While greenhouses harness the power of the sun and provide a warm climate for your crops to grow, they also remove any essence of rain water from reaching your plants. This is where the importance of an indoor water system comes in. Using a reverse osmosis system from Grow Flow, can provide your grow house with quality water to use on your plants year-round.

Advantages of Growing Cannabis in a Greenhouse

There are many advantages that come with growing cannabis in a greenhouse. Growing indoors puts the grower in control of all factors when it comes to the climate. Growers have the ability to monitor and change the weather, climate, and even the light that their plants receive. Putting your plants in the best possible environment to grow is essential to producing a quality product in a greenhouse. Removable windows or panels can create wind circulation or be closed to trap in heat. Greenhouses also provide protection from the damage of heavy rains and wind. Additionally, growers can always place dehumidifiers, heaters, air conditioners, or fans into their grow houses to control temperature more effectively. Furthermore, the ability to implement lights in your greenhouse allows you to “trick” your cannabis plants into flowering early, thus allowing you to harvest earlier. Manipulating your cannabis’ life cycle can assist in helping you increase your yield annually.

As mentioned above, growing indoors allows you to change the weather as needed. One of the most important factors in weather, when it comes to cannabis, is rain. Rain water is considered to be the best water to use when it comes to growing cannabis, according to many growers. However, rain water, due to human pollution, can have its own harmful effects on your plants. With the coverage provided by a greenhouse, you have the ability to make sure your water is in the perfect condition to satisfy your cannabis crops. Implementing an indoor water system is the perfect solution for providing your plants with quality water. An Indoor water system provides you with a clean slate of pure water that can work as a vehicle to help deliver nutrients in your growing medium.

How a Reverse Osmosis System Can Benefit Your Greenhouse

Reverse osmosis systems push water through a semipermeable membrane. The membrane allows water to pass through, but not impurities or contaminants, which are then flushed down the drain. For greenhouses located in rural areas, this process can be especially beneficial to rid well water of dirt, silt, clay and other sediments. Reverse osmosis water is perfectly safe to use while watering your cannabis plants, with the use of your own addition of nutrients. Reverse osmosis systems can be implemented in many types of growing environments. Whether you’re using soil, hydroponics, or another growing method, reverse osmosis water can be utilized to provide your plants with the perfect channel to distribute growing solution and nutrients to your cannabis plants.

Reverse osmosis systems can be utilized in grow houses of varying sizes. Grow Flow offers compact units to accommodate small spaces or larger systems to provide pure water for larger crop grounds. Grow Flow professionals can help craft a grow system that is just the right size for your growhouse, and offer suggestions on if you’re looking to expand your operation. Reverse osmosis systems also offer their users confidence. Growers can rest-assured they are getting the same quality water every time, as reverse osmosis is one of the most trusted water treatment systems across the country. A reverse osmosis system can eliminate around 97% of total dissolved solids (TDS) like salt and sodium from your water, so you can be in control of what nutrients your plants get.

Reverse osmosis systems also yield an exceptional return on investment as they are easy to maintain and often last for a long time with minimal maintenance needed. Additionally, if you’re connecting your reverse osmosis system to a water source, you can expect an endless supply of water for your entire growing cycle.

Grow Flow, The Experts in Indoor Water Systems

If you’re growing cannabis in a greenhouse, don’t skimp on equipment – an efficient reverse osmosis system can mean the difference between a few sickly plants and a healthy harvest. Our experts at Grow Flow, can visit your greenhouse and find the right fit for your cannabis watering needs. Knowledgeable Grow Flow professionals can help you make educated decisions on your grow house operation and its need for a reverse osmosis system. Contact Grow Flow today to set up a water test or learn more about our reverse osmosis systems.

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