Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Welcome to Grow Flow, the industry leader in Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems for the cannabis industry!

As a grower, you understand the importance of having the right water filtration system for your crops. That’s why we offer top-of-the-line RO systems custom designed specifically for the unique needs of your facility, no matter the size.

Our RO systems are designed to remove impurities from your water, including chlorine, heavy metals, salts, and other minerals, ensuring your plants receive the cleanest water possible. With a Grow Flow RO system, you are in control of what’s in your water, and can be confident that your crops will receive the best possible care, leading to stronger, healthier plants and higher yields.

Our team of experts has years of experience in the cannabis industry and is dedicated to providing you with the best possible RO system for your needs. From start to finish, we will work with you to ensure your RO system is customized to meet the unique demands of your grow operation.

At Grow Flow, we are committed to providing our customers with top-quality products, unmatched customer service, and industry-leading expertise. So why wait? Start giving your crops the clean water they need to thrive today with a Grow Flow RO system.

Contact us today to learn more and to receive a customized quote for your operation.

IW Series RO 

This system utilizes cutting-edge commercial technology for maximum cost efficiency and boasts an American-made design. Offered in various configurations to accommodate flow needs ranging from 22 to 200 GPM and TDS levels up to 3000ppm, the system utilizes a modular design for high-quality construction and fast delivery times at competitive pricing.

G1 Series RO 

The G1 Reverse Osmosis system is a premium solution designed specifically for the cannabis growing industry. This system combines cost-saving configurations, efficient operations, and minimal post-treatment expenses, helping to lower maintenance costs and enhance the quality of your crops. By removing impurities from your water that affect taste and cause clogging in equipment, the G1 RO system helps to ensure optimal growing conditions for your plants. With customizable options to meet your unique needs and an easy-to-use electronic controller, you can maintain control over installation and operating costs.

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