The Best Water for Your Indica Hybrid

One of the benefits of growing cannabis is the grower’s ability to pick what strands they want to grow and experiment with those strains. Whether your focus is on Sativa, Indica, or a Hybrid, knowing the water requirements and the best possible conditions for each strain can be crucial for high-quality cannabis. In this guide, Grow Flow will give you some insight into growing Cannabis indica and the best water you can utilize for your cannabis. 

What are the Common Characteristics of  Cannabis Indica?

Knowing the characteristics of your strain can be an important first step in knowing what you’re growing and also how to market your crop later on. Cannabis indica is a very popular strain both for growers and buyers alike. For growers, this strain is differentiated by its short flowering time and its high yields. For buyers, Cannabis indica offers relaxation and sedating effects, as these strains often have higher levels of CBD. Some Indica users experience relief from anxiety, insomnia, and certain types of body pain. 

The effects of this cannabis strain are not the only distinction. Physically, Cannabis indica bushes are usually shorter. At maturity, these plants may only reach a maximum height of about 9.8 inches. The short stature of Cannabis indica plants is especially beneficial for those using a grow house where space is limited. Cannabis indica plants often create round, broad leaves with dark, rich coloring due to the higher amount of chlorophyll.

The Origins of Indica

Cannabis indica has its origins in the region of Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Turkey. This certain strain of cannabis has adapted to the often harsh, dry, and turbulent climate of the Hindu Kush mountains. Both Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa plants are native to hot regions and require plenty of light and heat. 

In 1785, French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck published a description of a species of cannabis, which he named Cannabis indica because he found it grew around India. As Lamarck and other naturalists continues to study the species of plant, they found that Cannabis indica strainswere able to flourish across other parts of Western and Southern Asia.

From its first discovery in the 1700s, growers and buyers alike enjoy a variety of Cannabis indica strains including Northern Lights, White Rhino, Blueberry, and Granddaddy Purple. 

The Growth Stages of Indica and Their Water Requirements

While all cannabis plants go through the normal growth stages, the length of those stages can differ based on the strain one is growing. One of Cannabis indica’s most noteworthy characteristics is its average flowering time of 6-8 weeks, making it extremely popular among growers looking for quick turnarounds. Due to its stout structure, once a Cannabis indica plant reaches its optimal height, it will stop growing upward and focus on producing dense, aromatic buds.

The life cycle of any cannabis plant can be broken down into three growth stages: the seedling stage, the vegetative stage, and the flowering stage. For all stages of growing cannabis, clean quality water is required to produce healthy plants and potent buds. Water free from contaminents that works as a vehicle for nutrients is vital for cannabis plants. Water that has been ran through a reverse osmosis process is safe to use for watering cannabis plants with the use ofadditional of nutrients, and is often preferred by growers. 

During the seedling stage, the type of strain you’re working with doesn’t vary the amount of water you’re using but the medium can. Typically, the rule of thumb is to water only when the soil 1 inch below the surface is completely dry. It can also be important to make sure you’re watering your plants close to the stem where their roots are.

Once your cannabis plant has matured into the vegetative stage, the watering needs of your plant change. Vegetation occurs when the cannabis plant experiences long days and short nights. This is known as the plant’s long photoperiod. During the vegetative state, Cannabis indica devotes its energy to increasing in size and stature. While some guides suggest watering your plants every day during the growth stage, that suggestion may not be as effective with Cannabis indica strains. Since Cannabis indica comes from a dry region, where water is scarce, the plants can be more prone to mold and bud rot due to their lack of resistance. When growing cannabis plants in soil, it is suggested to let the top of the dirt dry out between waterings. 

As the short photoperiod approaches, the plant receives the signal and flowering phase is triggered. The average cannabis flowering stage is 6-10 weeks, sometimes longer. Cannabis Indica strains and their hybrids tend to have a shorter flowering phase than others. Indica’s short flowering stange is beneficial for indoor grower’s due to the ability to grow more annual cycles. When it comes to watering in the early stages of flowering, the cannabis plants will oftentimes consume the same amount as the late-vegetative phase. One saying is: the bigger the buds, the more water the plants require. If growing in soil, when the soil feels mostly dry it is safe to water the plant again. 

Growing Indica Hybrid Strains Using Grow Flow Water

At the foundation of every cannabis plant is growing medium, light, nutrients, water. Grow Flow can offer you quality water solutions for all of your cannabis strains. Grow Flow experts can come to your grow house, evaluate your needs when it comes to quality water, and recommend a reverse osmosis system to fit your needs. Contact Grow Flow today to learn more about how we can help provide clean, pure water for your Cannabis Indicia strain. 

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