Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy water treatment equipment from you and install it myself?

While the technical answer is yes, we highly recommend the Grow Flow Team install your equipment We can work with your qualified contractor if that is your preference.
Grow Flow prides itself in offering custom solutions that match your needs. It’s important for our professionals to visit your growing operation to see what your water conditions are and what your needs are so that we can deliver the correct solution. We want to test your water and ensure that we’ll bring in the solution you need, asking about quality, flow rates, and checking your water conditions.

Grow Flow adopts many customers because they buy something online, then call us when the product doesn’t end up working as promised. So we take this opportunity to explain to those customers why it’s not working as expected and provide them with a solution that will last.

Is Water Delivery or a Treatment System More Cost-Effective?

This answer can vary depending on each individual’s water needs. While we can deliver bottled water to your greenhouse or office, we often recommend switching to a reverse osmosis system. This works well if there is a viable tap water source available. By switching to a reverse osmosis system, water feeds to a point-of-use cooler with its own purification.

Reverse osmosis systems can supply thousands and thousands of gallons daily, compared to a water cooler that may limit you to around 30 gallons a day. In addition, reverse osmosis water is perfectly safe to use on plants when growing nutrients are added. Grow Flow also offers rental services for our reverse osmosis systems. Water delivery and reverse osmosis systems are both great solutions. However, the reverse osmosis system is usually the way to go for your dollar and the amount of water supplied.

Is reverse osmosis water safe for watering plants?

Yes, reverse osmosis water is safe but it will remove more than 95% of all contaminants from the water, including necessary plant nutrients. You will need to add back your selected nutrients and typically adjust the pH, as reverse osmosis water usually holds a pH of 7.0.

Softening water with a water softener is different from using a reverse osmosis system and can be harmful to your plants. In a water softener system, salt is used to remove calcium magnesium; however, that salt content can build up on plants and their roots, leading them to die from thirst. Reverse osmosis, on the other hand, does not require the same process. Reverse osmosis pushes water through a semipermeable membrane. The membrane allows water to pass through, but not impurities or contaminants, which are then flushed down the drain. No salt is used in a reverse osmosis system, leaving your plant free from sodium and its buildup.

How much water should I be watering my plants with?

The amount of water you use and the frequency of watering can depend on whether you are in an indoor or outdoor growing environment. In an outdoor environment, you will need to assess rainfall levels, whereas in a grow house, you can better control the amount of water provided. Watering requirements will also vary depending on the growth stage of your crops. Drainage and the size of the containers are also important factors to take into consideration.

What are the requirements for greenhouse water?

It is recommended to have available 0.3 to 0.4 gallons per square foot of growing area per day as a peak-use rate for the warmest day. For example, a 30-by-100-foot greenhouse with 2,400 square feet of bench area would require a peak-use rate of 720-960 gallons per day.

The type of irrigation system you’re using will also make water requirements vary. Only 20% of the irrigation water applied with an overhead sprinkler system may reach the growing medium in a potted plant crop with heavy foliage. In contrast, all the water used with an in-pot drip system reaches the medium.

The water itself is likely to need filtration before use. Municipal system water and deep wells generally provide the best water source for greenhouse operations; however, chemical treatment of the water may be required when pollutants, such as iron and sodium, are present. By scheduling a water test with Grow Flow, we can analyze your potential water source. 

Can I use Grow Flow services with a hydroponic growing setup?

A hydroponic growing system gives you the power to grow plants anywhere. A hydroponic system can work for you even if you live in an area where water is scarce, or the weather is unstable. Grow Flow offers the very best water to get the very best growth, no matter what your growing medium may be.

Grow Flow offers the most efficient systems, making the process easier than ever before. Quality growing equipment equals higher quality plants.

I am interested in expanding my growing operation. Will Grow Flow cover my expansion?

Grow Flow offers water treatment solutions for operations of any size. We can assess your current operation and provide an estimate of the equipment needed to cover your expansion. Our full-service team can make many visits to help with installation and maintenance. Grow Flow’s customized water solutions can work with both inside and outside growing environments.

Can Grow Flow offer watering solutions for cannabis growers?

Grow Flow can offer assistance for those who grow cannabis. We take a specialized approach to your cannabis operation and the sensitive nature of the plants. Our Grow Flow professionals have dealt with similar environments as a company that has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for years. Grow Flow understands the environment and respects everyone’s privacy. 

What happens in your grow house stays in your grow house. Grow Flow has non-disclosures that our team can sign when visiting your space for water testing and installations. Our team’s goal is to give you the equipment you need to succeed and to protect your privacy along the way. Just as Grow Flow obeys your privacy needs, we obey your house rules as well. Our team is more than happy to oblige by the house rules, including face masks and booties as needed.

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