Why Grow Flow is Best For Growing Cannabis Plants

Why Our Water is Best

Growing cannabis isn’t the same task as growing any other plant and it’s important to know the best water for cultivating and growing high-quality cannabis. Grow Flow, powered by Culligan Water of Kansas City makes it easy for growers, commercial and home growers, to utilize the very best water and watering system for your growing cannabis plants. The best water means the best growth and in turn leads to the highest quality of harvest.

If you’re not already using a Culligan Water system to water your plants, testing your water quality is an important first step in making sure you’re giving your plants the best resources to grow. Call Culligan Water of Kansas City today to set up a water testing appointment to see how your water quality stacks up to the ideal conditions for growing cannabis.

Quality Water for Growing Cannabis

All plants, including cannabis, consist of roughly 80% water. So it’s no surprise that one of the most important growing supplies you need to worry about is quality water! The type of water you use and what type of minerals are found in that water are crucial for the healthy growth of cannabis plants. Using both quality water and the right amount of water can contribute to substantial differences in the quality of your plants. Oftentimes, hard water, untreated water, can be harmful to your cannabis plants. Culligan offers water systems that help remove the minerals of hard water to give you safe water for your plants in your cannabis greenhouse or facility. If you’re looking to ease your watering system as a whole, the Grow Flow system, powered by Culligan Water of Kansas City can help create a reverse osmosis grow system customized to your needs. With Culligan Water, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best quality water to use for your grow.

Water Systems Customized For Efficiency

While there are many Culligan solutions for your facility, all of our options can make watering your plants easier and more efficient than before. Simply put, better grow equipment can help produce better quality. Grow Flow powered by Culligan Water of Kansas City can help craft a grow system to assist in growing indoor cannabis. During the different stages of a plant’s growth, it will require different amounts of water at each stage. A Culligan Water system is a great tool in making sure your plant is getting just the right amount of water from a seedling to the final steps of flowering. Generally, clean, pure Culligan Water also contributes to faster plant growth than those grown in unfiltered water. When we use the word efficiency, we mean it both for your plants and your wallet.


In addition, using a Grow Flow Powered by Culligan Water system can assist in maintaining the correct pH levels in your growing process. The optimum pH level for growing sits between 5.5-6.5. While using a soil-based growing method often leads to more difficulty in maintaining pH levels, a Culligan Water system allows you to control just how many nutrients you are adding, allowing for easy adjustments of pH levels. Another benefit of a Grow Flow system is the opportunity for expansion. As your business grows, it is possible that your plant yield will need to grow too. With our customizable system, you can be set up for success now and in the future.

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