Your Cannabis Water Questions Answered. Answering Your Top 5 Grow Flow Questions.

There can be a million questions to answer when it comes to growing cannabis and an additional thousand when it comes to how to get quality water to grow your cannabis with. Grow Flow answers your top five questions related to quality water used to grow cannabis.

Is There Any Non-Disclosure or Confidentiality Agreement Used?

What happens in your grow house stays in your grow house. Grow Flow has non-disclosures that our team can sign when visiting your space for water testing and installations. Our team’s goal is to give you the equipment you need to succeed and to protect your privacy along the way. Our Grow Flow professionals have dealt with similar environments, as a company that has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for years. Grow Flow understands the environment and respects everyone’s privacy. Just as Grow Flow obeys your privacy needs, we obey your house rules as well. Our team is more than happy to oblige by the house rules, including face masks and booties as needed.

Can I Buy Water Treatment Equipment Off the Shelf?

Grow Flow prides itself in doing what other businesses do not. It’s more important to Grow Flow to get out to the grow house to see what your water conditions are and what your needs are so that we can deliver the correct solution. Some growers might have it figured out but for most growers, they can rely on our dedicated and knowledgeable team to deliver the service and equipment they need. We want to test your water and make sure that we’ll bring in the solution that you need, asking about quality, asking about flow rates, and asking about or particularly checking your water conditions coming in.

Many do-it-yourselfers fail because they’ll buy something, but they don’t realize that it might work instantly but within weeks to months it’s going to fail. Grow Flow adopts many customers because they buy something online and then they call us because the product doesn’t end up working as promised. We take this opportunity to explain to those customers why it’s not working as promised and provide them with a solution that will last.

How Do I Know if My Water is Good for My Cannabis?

A Grow Flow water analysis can assist in showing you exactly where your water stands. Once you call us we will schedule a time and dispatch a team member to come thoroughly test your water. The analysis usually starts with finding out where the source water comes from, whether this means city or rural water from a well. Knowing your source water is critical because it can help decipher the solution needed to purify your water. 

Many growers may not know their current water treatment equipment is failing them. Likely, they don’t notice because the water looks clear. The water may look clear and smell good, but the problem may not be noticeable to the human eye. What they’re not seeing is all the dissolved minerals in the water. It may be something less harmful like calcium or magnesium but there is also the possibility of sulfur or harmful minerals. 

Is Water Delivery or a Treatment System More Cost-Effective?

This answer can vary depending on each individual’s water needs. While we have provided bottled water for many years, oftentimes we recommend our customers switch over to some kind of reverse osmosis system. This works well if there is a viable tap water source available. By switching over to a reverse osmosis system, water now feeds to a point-of-use cooler that has its own purification on board. 

Reverse osmosis systems can supply thousands and thousands of gallons a day, compared to a water cooler that may limit you to around 30 gallons a day. Reverse osmosis water is perfectly safe to use on cannabis plants when growing nutrients are added. Grow Flow also offers rental services for our reverse osmosis systems. Water delivery and reverse osmosis systems are both great solutions. However, at the end of the day, for your dollar and the amount of water supplied, the reverse osmosis system is usually the way to go.

Grow Flow Can Answer All of Your Cannabis Watering Questions

When it comes to growing cannabis with the right quality water, Grow Flow is here to help. The amount of water, type of water, and quality of water are all important elements to examine when deciding to grow cannabis. The professionals at Grow Flow can assist in testing your water and recommending a treatment solution that will work and last. Contact Grow Flow today to get your questions answered.

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