Feed Your Thirst, Not Your Haze

Clean drinking water is beneficial to your health, just as clean water is beneficial to your crops. Drinking filtered water allows our bodies to absorb nutrients even better. When you drink unfiltered water with a significant amount of contaminants, your body needs to work harder to rid itself of the pollutants. As a result, the rate of water and nutrient absorption by cells decreases.

It can also be a rather unpleasant feeling to be dehydrated. Whether that’s through excessive workouts or even from activities that may cause dry mouth, keeping yourself hydrated and continuously drinking a steady supply of clean water can go a long way.


Bodily Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Let’s explore the topic of dry mouth a little bit more. Cannabis users may experience a dry mouth or what some call “cotton mouth” while using THC. Why is this? Xerostomia, an unusually dry mouth, is a side effect that can leave smokers feeling parched. Cannabis lowers saliva production in the mouth, which is problematic since saliva is the natural cleanser of oral health. The good news is, saliva is 99% water, meaning supplying your body with the proper amount of water can assist in making sure your mouth produces the proper amount of saliva. 

If you’re a cannabis user who also experiences the insatiable sense of munchies, there’s another great reason to drink water! Drinking filtered water aids in speeding up the metabolism. Having a good supply of accessible drinking water in your home can increase your water consumption, which is a crucial component of metabolism and excellent health. In some cases, speeding up your metabolism can also aid in weight loss. That can certainly help if the food cravings hit you harder than most!

There are so many more benefits that come with drinking water. From improving skin health to detoxifying the body, making sure you’re getting your 4-6 cups of water is imperative. As always, it is always good to be an overachiever, and reaching for a higher daily intake of water is never a bad idea. 


Reverse Osmosis Water and What It’s Good For

Outfitting both your home and grow house with a reverse osmosis system can benefit you and your plants greatly. In using filtered water to hydrate your cannabis, it’s important to take into account the water that your reverse osmosis system is creating and how to amplify it to benefit your plants to their highest potential. Using water that has gone through the reverse osmosis process is perfectly safe to use while watering your cannabis plants, as long as it is paired with the use of your own addition of nutrients. Reverse osmosis strips the water of many contaminants and minerals, leaving growers with pure, clean water.

Reverse osmosis is a process that removes foreign contaminants, solid substances, large molecules, and minerals from water by using pressure to push it through specialized membranes. Some of the contaminants that a reverse osmosis system can help remove include salt and organic bacteria. This can be especially vital to watering plants, as the process leaves your plant water free from sodium and its buildup. 

Since reverse osmosis removes all the “bad stuff” out of your water, it makes it an ideal filter option for drinking water. In removing contaminants from your regular tap water, reverse osmosis can leave you with fresh, pure drinking water every time you turn your faucet on. Reverse osmosis systems can oftentimes be installed directly under your sink, making it a perfect option for a crowded kitchen that still desires clean water for drinking, cleaning, and cooking. 


Grow Flow Offers Reverse Osmosis Systems to Feed Your Cannabis Plants

Whether it’s for your body or for your cannabis plants, don’t settle when it comes to water quality. Reverse osmosis water is a perfect choice when it comes to filtering out contaminants in your water leaving you with a pure vehicle to send your own growing supplements straight to your plants. The pure state of reverse osmosis gives you a clean slate to add the exact nutrients needed to grow high-quality, potent cannabis.

If you’re ready to outfityour grow house with a reverse osmisis system dedicated to your growing needs, contact the professionals at Grow Flow today! No matter what size your operation requires, we have the equipment and experience to offer a superior system for your needs. It is recommended to have available 0.3 to 0.4 gallons per square foot of growing area per day as a peak-use rate for the warmest day. Each system is customized to fit your exact area, and our professionals can offer realistic solutions with cost-effective price tags.

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