Why Does My Water Quality Matter in Growing Cannabis?

Whether you’re a new grower or looking to switch to a reverse osmosis system from Grow Flow, take a look at why quality matters in growing cannabis.

In using a Grow Flow system while growing cannabis, growers take the guesswork out of making sure their cannabis is getting the exact nutrients it needs for great growth and a high yield.

Clean, pure water

Pure Water

Clean, pure water from Grow Flow allows your nutrient solution to be carried and extracted by your cannabis plants. When using tap water to water your plants it’s suggested to let the water sit for a few days to dechlorinate. Adding Grow Flow to your grow system allows you to save time with water that is already in prime condition to hydrate your plants. Dechlorinating the water is important in making sure your pH levels are within the recommended range for healthy cannabis plants. The optimum pH level for a growing system sits between 5.5-6.5.

In using a Grow Flow system for your cannabis, the temperature of the water is also an important factor to consider. Grow Flow can assist in giving you the facts on water heating options or the possibility of a water thermometer to monitor your water temperature. The ideal water temperature for growing cannabis is 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 20 degrees Celsius.

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