Engineering a Custom Water Management System for Your Growing Operation

Engineering a Custom Water Management System for Your Growing Operation

Growing cannabis can be a rewarding experience. However, there are many important factors that need to be considered when growing quality cannabis. Water management is one of them. Water management systems can be crucial in growing cannabis efficiently. It’s important to understand how water management systems work, why they’re important for your operation, and how Grow Flow can help build you a customized system tailored to your needs.


Water management systems are custom engineered to meet your growing operations needs.

A water management system is a system that manages the quantity and quality of water used in a growing operation. A custom-engineered Grow Flow water management system will give you complete control over your irrigation system, allowing you to manage the amount of time it takes for your plants to receive water, as well as how much water they receive at any given time. This gives you control over how much moisture each plant receives on any given day or throughout their life cycle. With a plant as sensitive as cannabis, being able to administer different amounts of water throughout its different growing phases is key in maintaining high-quality yields.


Understanding water management requirements with cannabis.

Grow Flow has been designing water management systems since the early days of legalization in Missouri. With over 70+ years of water management experience, paired with cannabis growing professionals, we understand the exact needs of growing cannabis as it pertains to quality water. Cannabis is extremely unique, and your water management system should be too. Our team has helped many growers create a custom solution that meets their unique needs and maximizes yield while minimizing environmental and financial impact. We’ve worked with commercial growing operations and local growers just getting started.


Designing a customized system suitable for your unique situation.

Grow Flow’s water management systems are custom-built to meet your exact water quality needs. Our water quality engineers will work with you to design a customized system suitable for your unique situation. Starting with a water quality test, we’ll be able to pinpoint your exact water issues and the best solution to alleviate any problems.
Our team has experience designing custom water management systems for cannabis growers throughout Missouri, and we understand the sensitive nature of this industry. Not only does Grow Flow have non-disclosures that our team can sign when visiting your space, but we also follow all state and federal regulations closely to ensure legitimacy at every step of the process.

In engineering your custom water management system for your growing operation, there are certain materials that will be used in every system. These materials may be configured differently for each custom build. Most commonly, a custom water management system requires the following equipment:

  • Pumps – These are used to move water from one place to another. They can be submersible or surface-mounted and come in a wide range of sizes and flow rates. The most common types of pumps used in a hydroponic operation are diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps and positive displacement (PD) pumps. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages based on how they function. Your specific needs will steer the choice of pump needed.
  • Filters – Filters remove impurities from water before it reaches crops or other plants during irrigation cycles so they’re an essential part of any hydroponic system that uses tap water or well water as its source supply. There are many different kinds available depending on what kind of contaminants need removing from the source supply. Reverse osmosis systems are a common choice for removing impurities like chlorine, heavy metals, and salts, ensuring that your plants receive the cleanest water possible. On the other hand, water-softening systems work well for removing excess minerals that could damage your plants. The results of your water quality test will help decipher what system may work best for you.
  • Water lines – Once your water is purified and ready for plant consumption, you’ll need to have that water travel to each of your individual pots. Water lines will work as the highway for getting your pure water to each plant. Whether you use a hydroponic or soil-based growing operation, some type of water line will be needed to transfer the water from the filter.


Grow Flow can help with your custom water management system.

With so many resources freely available online, anyone can create a custom water management system. However, before you start DIYing, consider consulting professionals. Grow Flow is here to help you through the process. We offer water testing, consultations, and fully customized water management systems to meet your cannabis needs.

We understand that water is a precious resource, and we want to make sure you’re using it to the best of your abilities, in the most cost-effective way. As a grower, you know that every drop of water counts–and we’re here to help you manage your supply wisely. Our engineers have designed custom solutions for growers with all different sizes of operations.

Our team will work closely with your facilities team to create a plan for managing your facility’s water resources that meets both the needs of your operation and those required by local regulations. Grow Flow is a one-stop shop for all your water management needs. We have the expertise needed to help you meet your water management goals to get the most out of your next cannabis grow! Contact our professionals today to discuss your custom water management needs.

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